Atlanta Graphic Designer In8 Design logos stationery postcards Sabrina Tongren

I love design and enjoy life. I'm from a small town where my Memaw always told me that "You only have one name, so you better keep it good". I'd like to pass on the wisdom with.. "And make it look good too!" I have the ability to do something I love every single day. I get to help people express their individuality, create their identity, and show off their professionalism. My goal is to express the “heart & soul” of your company visually that attracts your customers intuitively, even before they “read the writing on the card". I know that you have spent countless hours building your company, my job is to take it to the next level and show off all of your hard work.

I enjoy getting to know my clients and choose them wisely (please no "Debbie-Downers", this is supposed to be fun!) There's always an intuition that comes from the connection we build, (hence the company name, In8 Design) that allows me to create unique designs catered specifically for you. The designs captivate your audience & communicate your message effectively. I won't bore you with the jargon, or dazzle you with buzzwords, but I will deliver marketing that not only performs spectacularly - you won't be able to take your eyes off of it either. In8 Design is meant to bring something fresh and fun to clients who appreciate good design. There's no project that's too big or small...logos, stationary, postcards, html emails, ads, tradeshow graphics, websites... you name it.. we do it all, and LOVE every minute of it! I'm a graphic designer at heart, for I love finding the beauty in everything I see.